About us

Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn about us and our Tango shoes!

My name is Dee Kaya. I am the founder of EYEDANCESHOES and a dancer like yourself. My husband and I are social dancers. I love dancing Tango and Salsa. I am still learning to dance at any  events, workshops and classes.

I first started to take ballroom dance lessons in Almaty- Kazakhstan at Alma Dance. Our dance instructor got us into buying handmade shoes. Initially, we did not understand why she insisted in buying handmade shoes. But with all the dance practice we had, the shoes got overused and we still have them 10 years later. We did not immediately realize about the quality in the craft of our dancing shoes, but over time, we tried different shoes and did not have the same level of comfort and durability.

Now, I want every dancers to experience the comfort and style that comes from protecting their feet with the highest quality of handmade leather shoes for all professional and social dancers.

Our shoe masters are producing dance shoes for 23 countries all over the world; including Italy, Germany, England and Argentina. While EyeDanceShoes commits to every step of yours, we also commit to invest in the craft of the shoemakers, like "our masters".

When we carefully select our collection of shoes, we look for quality, elegance and comfort for dancers. Because you should enjoy while you dance and have a gorgeous pair of shoes on! So you may gracefully glide and feel the dance floor with every move.

Eyedanceshoes mission is to support professional artists and create network opportunities for dancers and the public; to create a welcoming ecosystem
to explain and explore the benefit of dancing to people from any background.

We consider you our friend, and want to provide you with best experience, comfort and beauty.  I hope you get to dance with our shoes for years to come!

---Dee Kaya
Mom, Dancer, Founder






As a family we also care for our local community and have been supporting the following organizations:

*Women's Shelter (https://emilysplacetx.org/)

*St.Jude Hospital (https://www.stjude.org/).

*American Dance Therapy Association (https://adta.org/). If you have never heard of the therapy with dance movement, check their web-page. We have seen amazing and powerful results through dance.

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” – Plato.


We plan to announce our contributions year over year as our-give-back-to-community.

---Dee Kaya
Mom, Dancer, Founder

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