About your data

We use the secure https protocol ( you can find out more about HTTPS!) for our web-page and your data from day-one. You can check your Internet connection to any  web page by clicking the green lock on your web-browser.  

Secure connection at eyedanceshoes.com

Privacy of your data

The data you enter for your order is stored at our e-commerce partner www.shopify.com database.  Here, you can access and read the Privacy Policy of Shopify.

We/EYEDANCESHOES (officially registered as D&P SHOES, LLC.) do not and will never share, disclose, sell, rent, or otherwise provide Personal Information to other companies.

We keep your data to deliver the product that you ordered and to serve you for your exchange and warranty related claims. If you wish you remove your data from our customer list, please send us an email to contact@eyedanceshoes.com and we will completely remove your records from our customer database.  Having no information about your previous orders/shipment tracking would eliminate  our ability to serve you if you wish to remove your customer data.

Would you like to read more ? Sure, here is the full privacy disclosure.

We also use Google Analytics to measure our web performance indicators. Please find out more about Google Analytics Data Collections and Cookies


Credit card payment

Any payment you make online  will be handled by third party credit card processing company. Currently, we/EYEDANCESHOES (officially registered as D&P SHOES, LLC.) have support for Shopify or Paypal. EYEDANCESHOES (officially registered as D&P SHOES, LLC.) do not have any credit card payment processing capability. Any online payment will go through third party processing companies. We/EYEDANCESHOES activated CVV and ZIPCODE protection for our online-store to stop the purchase by your credit-card.

You may or may not like to store your credit card when you order. Credit card information is not used for our customer services. Since we do not have access to the data, unfortunately, we cannot locate your order or order details to support you with your credit card number.