Frequently Asked Questions


It is important to know  that the tango shoes you have are leather and it is normal to have slight differences in color. The natural reaction of the leather may differ in processing and there may be a natural difference in color, which is not usually noticeable. Dance shoes -like any other shoes- wear out in time. Dance shoes in particular may wear out faster.


The return policy above is just a reminder, and those will not be applicable for warranty conditions.


We would like to inform you that our tango shoes are under warranty for the first three(3) months after the delivery/receipt (the date of receipt is based on the package tracking number when we ship the product to you.) In case of a major problem , such as tear in the shoes,- in the first three(3) months- we will replace or partially refund your purchase. The replacement is dependent with the availability of the same model/size. We will certainly be in contact with your about our process. The customer will need to pay for the shipment of the product for return under warranty (first three months.)



When we replace the shoes under warranty, you will receive 15% discount for your next purchase and free shipment regardless of the purchase amount.

Your satisfaction is our first priority. And we would like to do our best to make sure that you have the best experience while you dance with our shoes. If you are unhappy with the shoes you can return the shoes to us. Please send us an email to or fill out the contact form from our web-page. We will contact you in email or text in the same/next day.



We would like to remind about the return policy:

- You can return in one week (7 calendar days) after the receipt date. The date of receipt will be obtained from the postal company (Package tracking system will be used to record the date of shipment and receipt.)

- Products must not have been worn.

- Sole protection layer must not be removed.

- Products must be returned with original packaging and the bag.




If you order the shoes in our stock,  we typically ship in two (2) days. and you would have your product in seven(7) days(*) for the destination in US.

If your order is custom-made, the shipment and delivery time is may go up to eight(8) weeks(**).

A signature is not required for delivery however, Eye Dance Shoes is not responsible for replacing, refunding, or tracking lost, stolen or damaged packages. If you are concerned about delivery we recommend you purchase shipment insurance  while you are shopping.

(*) Subject to change due to the services by the USPS.
(**) Production and international shipment time may take longer.




You can cancel your order if the status is not shipped. If it is shipped, we, unfortunately, cannot cancel the order.


Please send us an email to or fill out the contact form from our web-page. We will contact you in email or text in the same/next day about the cancellation.




We collect tax for the state , Texas (TX).