Custom Made Shoes


Yes, we make custom made dance shoes when needed. It takes some extra time to create the one you want.  Here are the steps we suggest that you go through.

First, check out our sizing-chart. We have the non-standard sizes with +/-0.5. Maybe, the one we have is right for you.

If you still need custom-made, please follow the next steps and let us know. This is how you measure:

Step on a paper and mark the lines as you see in picture

 How to measure foot for dance shoes

And measure between lines. That is all.


or you can click the video below to see how it is done.


What measurement we need in your email:


To :

Subject : Custom made order

Length (in cm or inch) :

Width (in cm or inch)  :

Thickness (in cm or inch) :

Heel (in cm or inch)    :

Sole : Leather or Suede


We will contact with you about the delivery time-line and the cost. We typically expect to have 3-4 weeks for delivery and approximately +$20 (~16%) increase in total cost. However, if the shipment of your order would overlap with our periodic orders there may be no additional cost for your custom made request. We will inform in email after collecting your measurement.

We are currently working on a personalized solution, such as you pick up the model,  materials, colours of the materials. Planned to be available in 2018.